About VideoGrace in a nutshell

VideoGrace is a software solution for video conferencing over a local network and the Internet. The system consists of a server part and client applications. The server can be installed in the head office or in the cloud. Traffic encryption is carried out according to the AES-256 standard.

Client applications allow you to use multiple cameras and microphones at the same time, to transfer an image of your desktop. Modern codecs for voice (Opus) and video (VP8) are used, there is a high-quality echo and noise reduction. The system is designed in such a way as to ensure the minimum delay of AV data transmission (no more than 120 ms according to ITU-T recommendations), this creates the maximum sense of a personal meeting and eliminates the “walkie-talkie effect.”

When creating the system, we were guided by the following principles:
  • Maximum configuration flexibility while maintaining user intuition
  • Ensuring an optimal balance of using hardware resources to ensure the largest possible number of participants in one conference and, at the same time, issuing the highest quality video and sound
  • Application of the best industry standards and practices
  • Easy system deployment
  • Ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership for our customers

We offer everyone to evaluate our system in terms of their own company and the available hardware and network resources. For small teams we provide a free license for 8 participants with some limitations in functionality.

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