Video Conferencing

Videoconferences provide a common space for communication between participants. People at distances of tens of meters to thousands of kilometers get the opportunity to work together while staying at their seats. Although video calls do not replace face-to-face meetings, they bring them closer to them. Mimics, body language, gestures are not available for correspondence and are significantly limited for phone calls. Video conferences and video selectors allow you to see the reaction of the interlocutors and bring communication to a level close to personal meetings.
Managers note that the impact of videoconferencing is several times higher than that of correspondence. Regular video selectors provide the working group members with up-to-date information on the state of affairs, accelerating the adoption of correct management decisions.
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VideoGrace software package allows you to make video calls, videoconferences and video selectors, and demonstrate your desktop. High quality of video and sound is provided at the minimum possible equipment and network requirements. The system was designed to provide minimal delay in video and audio delivery, which maximizes the effect of presence in one space for video conference participants. Through traffic encryption protects the transmitted information from leaks. By using the existing computers and servers, the system implementation costs are significantly reduced. Installation and configuration of the system does not require any special skills and is available to a wide range of IT specialists.

Main advantages of VideoGrace

Shortcomings of VideoGrace