Conducting VideoGrace load testing

For fast estimation of productive client machines at a conference with a large number of participants, a special tool has been developed that allows emulating a conference with a specified number of participants.

Test client installation and preparation

  1. First of all, download console test client
  2. Unpack the archive to any machine connected to VideoGrace Server and open the run.cmd file with notepad. In this file, set the value of server variables - your server address, count - the number of required test clients.
  3. You need to have accounts for the test clients on the server. They must have logins of the form: test1, test2, test3,... all passwords: 1. You can download csv file where you have accounts for 40 test clients and download it by downloading csv files on the server.
  4. Add test clients to default conference participants

Load testing

Connect to the default VideoGrace Studio conference, then run.cmd. You should see and hear the video files played by the test clients. VideoGrace Studio will connect video streams until the CPU load exceeds 80%. This allows you to estimate how many video streams can be played back. If the number of streams is insufficient, you can reduce the resolution of video streams. To do this, use VideoGrace Studio to record a file with a lower resolution (320x240) and repeat testing with this file.

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