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About VideoGrace

It is inhouse videoconferencing system

What it is and what it is for

VideoGrace is a client-server videoconferencing system. You can install the server in your network and thus get a private communication system.
The system Does not use a browser or any other third party software to operate.

VideoGrace strives for minimum latency, which maximizes the effect of presence in one space for participants of video conferences.

When using existing computers and servers, the system implementation costs are significantly reduced.

Installation and configuration of the system does not require special skills and is available to a wide range of people, even non-IT specialists.


Benefits of using VideoGrace

Security and Confidentiality video conferencing rooms and instant messaging

Due to the fact that all traffic travels only between the participants and the server within the enterprise network

FullHD quality video and sound

Supports any video resolution and audio with bandwidth from 0 to 48 kHz

Global distributed network

You can connect to our server or install your own server for your network and connect it to the network to communicate with any user of the global network

Free for small teams

Server up to 8 participants does not require a license

Why you can trust us

More than 15 years of experience in IP communications

Download applications

Download the client and server applications to install on your network

  • All
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
   Client installer for Windows

Runs from Windows 7
to Windows 11

You can try the system on our cloud
without installing a server

   Server for Windows

Runs from Windows 2008
has a built-in web control panel

   Client installer for Linux

Runs from conditional Ubuntu 16
with minimal dependencies

You can try the system on our cloud
without installing a server

   Server for Linux

Runs from conditional Ubuntu 16
has a built-in web control panel

Client applications can also be downloaded from the web page of your installed server.
You do not need administrator rights to install them, ordinary user authorization is sufficient.
When you update the server, the client applications will update automatically from your server

Temporary warning: Windows installers currently do not have a digital signature.
Because of this, Windows Defender issues a warning.
To extend the installation, you need to click on "Unsafe" and then click on the "Extend anyway" button

Installation Guide


License cost per connection


$0 / unlimited

  • 8 connections
  • No time limits
  • Basic functionality
  • Encryption
  • Connections from SIP


$75 / unlimited

  • License without time limit
  • Any desired number of connections
  • Maximum possibilities

Cloud service

Subscription cost per connection

Trial period

0 / 1 week

  • All VideoGrace functions
  • Conferences of up to 20 participants
  • One-week trial period with no conference time limit

Private cloud

$2 / month

  • Your personal virtual server
    with exclusive access
  • Any desired number of connections
  • Like an internal server, except you don't have to worry about the technology

Customer support

Resolving your issues 24/7

Professional support from developers

Our product is pretty stable, but it's a technique, all sorts of things can happen.

When any issue arises, you can count on a prompt resolution.

We are available via phone | email | telegram | whatsapp and chat on this website.

To create requests for new functionality or bug reports, we provide access to the task tracker to licensed customers.

We are always grateful for feedback and problems discovered.

Customization and specialty products

A lot of solutions where you need video can be realized on the platform


We accept requests for customization of the system according to the customer's specifications. We can provide both simple solutions, such as changing the client's logo and name, and complex integration projects for special equipment.

Thanks to the availability of source codes, you can also modify and add functionality in the client application yourself, create your own clients and bots.

Specialty products

  • - Fixed audio/video communications in factories, warehouses, sea and river vessels, hospital wards
  • - Examinee observation: view screens, cameras and get real-time audio from each examinee in a single window
  • - Technical support with audio/video communication and user desktop management


Key persons of the company

Anton Golovkov

Chief Executive Officer / Main developer

Professional developer with twenty years of commercial application development experience. Chief architect and developer of key system components.

Marina Golovkova


Chief inspiration and investor of the company. She helps with marketing and promotion of our product.

Eugen Hartmann


Chief Business Officer. Finance and sales, shipping

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