What is VideoGrace?

It is a video conferencing software system designed to operate on closed networks and over the Internet. It is capable of providing multi-point video communication both small companies consisting of a dozen employees, and quite large enterprises such as factories or regional hospitals.
Due to the fact that the server is installed as close to its users as possible, the shortest traffic path is provided, which significantly improves the quality of communication and reliability of the system.

The software complex VideoGrace allows to carry out video calls, video conferences and video selectors, to demonstrate the desktop. Provides high video and audio quality with minimal hardware and network requirements.
The system was created taking into account the provision of minimum delay in delivery of image and voice, which maximizes the effect of presence in one space for video conferencing participants.
End-to-end traffic encryption protects transmitted information from leaks.
With existing computers and servers, implementation costs are significantly reduced. Installation and configuration of the system does not require special skills and is available to a wide range of IT specialists.

Main advantages of VideoGrace